Qualification requirements for quote submissions this time are as follows.

  • 省エネルギーセンター取引先として、102の区分で登録済のもの
    Business operators registered in the division of 102 as ECCJ business partners.
  • 当該年度に有効な国の全省庁統一競争参加資格を有する事業者
    Business operators with the uniform competition participation qualification for all ministries/agencies of Japan valid for this year.
  • 見積り提出にあたって省エネセンターの取引先新規登録に必要とする提出書類を同時に提出するもの
    Business operator who submits documents required for the new registration in ECCJ simultaneously with quote submission.

All this work will be conducted using English.

  1. 見積依頼名称
    多国間協力 ASEAN−日本エネルギー効率パートナーシップ(AJEEP)事業実施支援業務
    Assistance and Services for Implementation of "ASEAN-Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership(AJEEP) Program"
  2. 見積依頼の内容  Requirement for bidding
    2.1)事業仕様  Specifications
    As per the Inquiry Specifications (No. 380-200721-0)
    2.2)事業履行(納入)期限  Required date of completion
    December 25th, 2020 (Friday)
    2.3)事業履行(成果物納入)場所  Places of the project implementation and submission of output document
    付属の仕様書の通り (仕様書番号:380-200721-0)
    Refer to attached "Inquiry Specification" (Specification Number:380-200721-0)
  3. 見積時の注意事項  Requirements for bidding
    The bidder shall provide the proposal including specific numbers/amounts for quotation/specification, in accordance with the requirement specified in the inquiry specifications.
    BIDDER shall quote in Japanese yen or US dollars. When evaluating BIDDER’s proposal, the exchange rate between Japanese Yen and US Dollar of a hundred and ten JPY per one USD (110 JPY/USD) will be applied in accordance with Japanese governmental regulation for accounting officer article 14 and 16.
    When tendering in Japanese Yen, the quoted price shall be the integer Japanese Yen unit and a total amount with breakdown of VAT (with clarification of tax rate) if applied.
    Estimates item of consumption tax is not taxable in the provision of services abroad shall be the estimated amount that does not include the consumption tax.
    見積書の宛先は一般財団法人省エネルギーセンターとし、部課名・担当者名は 記載しないこと。
    The mail to send the proposal shall be addressed to The Energy Conservation Center, Japan with no name of a person in charge.(Address is written in the inquiry specifications.)
    The proposal including the price quotation shall be two(2) sets of originals with signatures by a person responsible for bidding.
    Two (2) sets of original proposals shall be contained in one envelop where the number and name of the inquiry specifications and name of your company/organization are clearly written.
    Any costs and fee required for tendering shall be borne by the bidder.
  4. 見積時の提出物及び提出部数  Documents to be submitted / required number of sets
    4.1)提案仕様書・見積書  正副各1部
    Proposal including cost estimation sheets : Two originals
    4.2)説明資料  2部  Information and data for evaluation
    In accordance with the "Evaluation Items", the bidder shall provide us with the information and data required for evaluation including descriptions on the risk management in the proposal.
    The bidder shall submit 2 sets of the fulfilled forms together with the original proposals specified in 4.1) above to ECCJ.
  5. 見積書等の提出方法  Requirement for submission of the proposal
    Two sets of original proposals and the fulfilled evaluation forms shall be sent by courier or airmail and shall be received by ECCJ by August 13th, 2020.

    〒108-0023 東京都港区芝浦2-11-5
    一般財団法人 省エネルギーセンター 総務部 見積依頼係

    Procurement Section, Administration Department
    The Energy Conservation Center, Japan
    2-11-5, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0023
    In case of direct carrying, please contain in the receiving box situated nearby the entrance of office on the 5th floor of ECCJ.
    In this case, it is not necessary to contact a person in charge from the Administration Department.
  6. 本件問合先  Query on the inquiry specifications
  7. 見積書等の提出期限  Due date
    令和2年8月13日(木) 午後3時まで(時間厳守)
    Receipt by The Energy Conservation Center, Japan by 15:00 in Japan time on August 13th, 2020 (Thursday)
  8. 添付ファイル  Attachment
    8.1)仕様書(評価項目及び配点を含む) Inquiry specifications (including "Evaluation Items")
    Inq Spec 380-200721-0.pdf
    8.2)別添 コスト明細サンプル  Sample for cost breakdown
    Sample for cost breakdown 380-200721-0.pdf
  9. 採択等の連絡  Information on results of bidding
    The only customer there was a submission of a quotation, etc., We inform you by e-mail the successful bidder and the contracted price.
  10. 取引先登録内容の変更  Change in data for registration
    取引先登録内容に変更がある場合には、当サイトの取引先登録 の「4.取引先登録内容変更」で手続をして下さい。
    In case that there are any changes in data for registration, please change on the website by accessing Item 4 "Change in Registration" in the site of "Registration of Company / Organization for Procurement" (Only Japanese version is available.)

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